Videos – Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups

Every variation of every Seussical song on YouTube is different in length, and some songs are different in Seussical, Jr. than they are in the full-length Seussical, making it even harder to match up the lyrics in Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups with the Seussical songs. So, if you want to hear the music while reading the new lyrics in the book, use these links to access the videos the Bit Players songs are based on.

Many thanks to Dr. Seuss, Seussical composer and librettist Stephen Flaherty, and Seussical lyricist and librettist Lynn Ahrens, for creating works that continue to inspire new generations and new iterations of their fantastic stories and songs. I satirize their work with the greatest respect.

Page 61 – “The World’s Smallest Boobs on Miss Mildred McBuff” (based on “The One-Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz” as performed by ENCORE Entertainers, a Youth Theatre program in Torrance, CA. Start at 0:18, end at 1:43.)

Page 64 – “A Place For Me” (based on “Solla Sollew”, performed by Theatre Macon in Georgia. Start at 0:58.)

Page 73 – “World’s Biggest Fool” (based on “Biggest Blame Fool” as performed by Owasso High School in Owasso, OK. Start at 3:28 in the video.)

Page 80 – “It’s Happening” (based on “It’s Possible”, performed by Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre. Start at 0:25 and cut 1:30-2:20.)

Page 90 – “Judging” (based on “Horton Hears A Who”, start at 0:15, omit spoken lines during the “too too funny/who who wah dah” intro)

Page 100 – “Miss Big Bazooka” (based on “Amayzing Mayzie”, performed by Stagelight Family Productions/Whittier Center Theater)

Page 107 – “The School Committee vs. Morton the Foolish One” (based on “The People vs. Horton the Elephant”, performed by Youngstown State University)

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