Videos – Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels

Below are the original music videos for the songs re-written by the characters in Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels for their school play. If you prefer lyric videos with the Bit Players words on the screeen, please visit my YouTube channel (S.M. Stevens). New lyric videos are being added all the time.

(Page numbers are for the paperback, since there aren’t really page numbers for the e-book.)

Page 32 – Wuthering Heights – The original by Kate Bush:

Page 32 – Wuthering Heights – The Pat Benatar cover:

Page 60 – Make Me Wanna Kill:

Page 64 – I’m Here To Stay (I wanted to post the official video; the extended intro is very cool but if you want to skip to the main song, start 2:30 into the video.):

Page 84 – Too Late For Us:

Page 93 – Let’s Go Tonight:

Page 99 – Come To My Window (skip to 0:24 if you’re in a hurry):

Page 106 – Abide With Me (Pink’s Grammy performance as referenced in the book):

Page 123 – Make Me Wanna Kill-Reprise – see page 60 above

Page 133 – You Don’t Feel the Same:

Page 155 – Graduation:

Page 192 – Freedom:

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