Song Lyrics from BP1 (for e-book readers)

So the Nook e-book reader just does not like the Bit Players file, and refuses to convert the songs, in the form of homework assignments, into the e-book. Some of the images are there in your e-book, but not very big, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to read them, and some don’t show up at all. So, below please find the song lyrics. Sorry for the inconvenience; I hope this helps. (Kindle readers might also find this helpful. None of the song images disappeared in Kindle, but you can’t enlarge them like you can regular text.)

Chapter 10
Twinkle, Twinkle Edward’s Skin (page 87 in the paperback):
The Cullen Family (page 89)
Hot & Cold (pages 92-93)

Chapter 11
Don’t Stop Believin’ (page 96)
Those Forks Gurls (pages 99-100)
At Seventeen (page 103)

Chapter 13
Anything You Can Do (pages 114-115)
That Smell (pages 116-117)

Chapter 14
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (page 122)

Chapter 15
Mystery Man (page 133)

Chapter 17
Human Girl (pages 153-154)

Chapter 19
Closed Off Mind (pages 160-161)

Chapter 27
Twilight (pages 216-217)

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