LeBlonde Blog – Chapter 6 – Grandmaster Who???

Massive sigh of relief – the kick-off meeting was held, auditions are announced for March 9 & 10, and it looks like Legally Blonde will actually happen!

Next cause for panic – will enough people try out? The musical has more than 40 named roles. About 15 high school students showed up for the initial meeting. I know some people couldn’t come but plan to try out. But probably a few of the people who went to the meeting will change their minds before auditions. Would the director actually cancel the show if we don’t get enough actors?

LegallyBlondeTheMusicalPeople can double up on roles – we’ve always done that at Smalltown ‘cause it’s such a small school. In Seussical a few years ago, some people had three parts. But more than that seems tricky, unless it’s that kind of show where everyone purposely plays many, multiple parts. We definitely need more than 20 or 25 people to pull this off.

The meeting was in the school café. The mood was pretty calm, considering it was the first meeting to discuss an awesome show, and with a new, unknown director. But the seniors are all seasoned pro’s by now, so they were mellow with undertones of excitement. Actually, most of the students there have done shows before, but there were two new freshman girls, which was good.

Mr. D., the director, ran us through auditions and rehearsal plans, and handed out the list of characters. Just reading the character list is enough to get you excited:

ELLE WOODS, the quintessential Valley Girl who realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality

EMMETT FORREST, a smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing

But my favorite descriptions would have to be:

BRUISER, Elle’s Dog


GRANDMASTER CHAD, King of Spring Break

I’ve seen the musical once, and the movie more than once, but I don’t remember Grandmaster Chad…who the heck is he???

I’ll be back soon to report on auditions!

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