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Perusal or no perusal? The director decided he needed to see a perusal of Legally Blonde: The Musical before committing to the show. Understandable, since he’s never directed the show. But absolute torrrrrture for the kids, who are chomping at the bit to get started.

What concerns did a reading of the perusal script raise? Plenty. The show calls for multiple chorus groups — college students, Harvard faculty, hair salon staff, etc. — so our little school is going to have to pump up the volume and bring out the students in droves. (Sorry, this seems to be a cliché-ridden post.) Can we do it? Well, when we did High School Musical a few years back, we had 50 cast members. The excitement around Legally Blonde is building, so it’s definitely possible. If not, will we have to cut scenes and/or songs?

Next concern: multiple set changes not only within scenes but even within songs. Can our stage crew pull it off? We have a few dedicated, really awesome stage crew members, but they’ll need help. Last year, the cast did most of the set changes for The Pajama Game. Bottom line: It can be done. If the set pieces are minimal, it’s that much easier.

Lefty takes a break from playing "Toto"

Lefty takes a break from playing “Toto”

Oh, did I mention there are two dogs in the cast? But hey, we had a live Toto for Wizard of Oz two years ago, and he was a pro. Only missed one cue!

So the perusal tells us what we’re in for. Now let’s get started! 🙂

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