Turn Off the Hallmark Channel and Pick Up “Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups”

five-starsThanks to “yesteryearhomes” for this new 5-star review of Bit Players, Bird Girls and Fake Break-Ups on Amazon:

“I love this series of books. Although theater isn’t my thing, my lack of knowledge didn’t affect how much I enjoyed the story. In fact, I think I need to see the next production of Seussical that comes to town. The characters are real, I can easily picture any of my friends’ kids saying things and acting similarly as the characters in Ms. Stevens’ books.

“This story (Bird Girls & Fake Break Ups) moves along quickly and smoothly, as do the other books in the series. I wanted to know if the mom was going to be okay, how the young couple would handle the stress of jealous rumors, and how the senior class would come to terms with wanting to be treated as adults and having to deal with adult issues such as life threatening illness and arrest for theft. Ms. Stevens does a great job of story telling and providing food for thought for readers, conveying it in a way that any parent would want to have their own kids gain experience through life.

“I would recommend this book to any young adult (or their parents); it’s not preachy, the characters have depth, the issues are current and are dealt with in realistic ways. Turn off the Hallmark station, and read this series instead!

“Since each book has pieces of an original musical inside, wouldn’t it be great to see our local theater group produce them?”

About S.M. Stevens

Author of "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" and the "Bit Players" series of YA novels.
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