I Love Twofers!

Word from Amazon about newly posted reader reviews of Bit Players took the gloom out of this blustery (nod to Pooh) Monday!

First, there were two new reviews of Bit Players 2, aka Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels. And, one of the reviewers also left comments about Bit Players 1, aka Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers. Thanks to “yesteryearhomes” and “newhite” for taking time to let others know what you think of my books, which I’m happy to report are rated 4.5 and 5.0 stars on Amazon.


Here’s what they had to say:

This review is from: Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers: A must-read for fans of Glee, High School Musical and Twilight (Paperback)
5.0 out of 5 stars What a good read for adults, too!, October 7, 2013
By Yesteryearhomes “Not your average architect”

I loved this book. I could identify with Sadie, the main character. SM Stevens did a great job of making her a realistic character, as well as the other characters in the book. I loved that the characters had flaws, some were smarter and funnier than others. I could easily picture them in our local school.

As a young adult book, it was the perfect length, with action, romance and mystery. As an adult book, I could have easily read another 100 pages of the story!
Stevens’ stories are much better written and are more engaging than the popular vampire series of wishy-washy twilight characters.

If you’re in High School or if your kid is, the Bit Players series is the better choice by far.

This review is from: Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels (Volume 2) (Paperback)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great story!, October 7, 2013

By Yesteryearhomes “Not your average architect”

This is the second book in the Bit Players series, and it is great!

Like the first book, it entwines a plot of mystery and romance around the production of an original musical/play. The characters are developed further; they are so real.

I thought the connection between the bullying in the “real life” of the characters and its portrayal in the musical they were producing was brilliant and very relevant in today’s world. Stevens tackles tough topics such as bullying and sexual orientation with finesse and without preaching to the readers. She presents these topics not only from the point of view of the student, but also the opinions (right or wrong) of teachers, parents and strangers.

As in the first book, I would have loved to read a longer story. The length and pace of the book is great for a teen audience.

PS- I hope that some day the original musical in this book makes it to our local stage.

This review is from: Bit Players, Bullies and Righteous Rebels (Kindle Edition)
5.0 out of 5 stars Intrigue and Drama!, October 4, 2013
By “neWhite”

A friend gave me Bit Players, Bullies & Righteous Rebels and I didn’t really know what it was all about since I hadn’t read the first one in the series. But I loved it. I did high school theatre and this book took me right back to how that all felt — the friendships, the politics, the thrill of being in a show. It was cool how the book included modern songs but with new lyrics. I really liked the lead character Sadie, in the end. At first I wasn’t sure, but I guess that’s what makes her a good character, that she’s not perfect. And I was totally intrigued wondering who the bully was. All in all, a really fun read!

About S.M. Stevens

Author of "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" and the "Bit Players" series of YA novels.
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