Theatre in a Watery World

It’e been so hot, muggy, and downright tropical here in New England, for days, that it got me wondering…how come there is no theatre in the pool or other water-based setting? We have plenty of sports that translate to the pool: water aerobics, water volleyball, water polo. In the theatre world, there is theater in the round, or theatre in the park/open-air theatre, and sometimes a combination of the two. But other than that, theatre settings are pretty standard – your small, intimate venue, your large amphitheatres, or maybe a dinner theatre.

Olympics+Day+10+Synchronised+Swimming+RIHRmulyUVnlIt’s time to shake things up a bit. I propose Theatre in the Pool, or Theatre in the Pond. For those larger troupes, Theatre in the Lake. Really. If we can have water ballet, why can’t we have water theatre? The actors could duck underwater instead of going offstage. Waterfront scenes would be so much easier than creating something that looks like water on a stage.

Or maybe the action doesn’t take place above the waterline but below, and the audience watches through clear walls, like at the aquarium.

Or maybe we should all just GO to the aquarium, and watch the penguins and seals put on a show. Clearly, the heat is frying my brain.

(Photo by Daria Iushko, no offense intended.)

About S.M. Stevens

Author of "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" and the "Bit Players" series of YA novels.
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